Pandemonium 2

Action 1997 Windows Virgin Interactive Humorous Platformer 3D Adventure

Enjoyable and exciting platformer

With a title like Pandemonium, you would expect a game of imagination and originality, and this really delivers the goods. Pandemonium 2 is a 2.5D-style platformer that is not only immense amounts of fun to play, it is also a rare example of a sequel that builds and improves upon its predecessor. The rather bizarre but good-humoured plot revolves around the Comet of Infinite Possibilities, a source of immense magical power, and which is craved by Sorceress Nikki, the evil Goon Queen Zorrscha and Fargus, a court jester with a peculiar obsession with fire. What all this translates into a fairly traditional platformer, with players leaping and bouncing their way through 19 levels of highly varied environments. Nikki and Fargus are both playable characters, each with their own unique abilities, like hurling fireballs or becoming invincible for a short time and with the story's ending changing according to the character selected. While nothing overly original, Pandemonium 2 is a great little platformer. Although the levels are linear, the are immensely challenging and are mostly a blast to play, with the addition of a controllable tank and robot mech adding to the appeal. The visuals are pretty impressive, with bold, vibrant graphics that just leap off the screen and with some superbly designed, and pretty innovative, levels. The characters are rather charmless and unlikeable, but this is a minor problem and for anyone who loves games like Earthworm Jim or Rayman Origins, Pandemonium 2 is a must play.

Preety awesome for a 2D style game

It is a platforming game which gives you many fun elements that have been supported by a good thrilling gameplay. The plot of the game is pure fantasy. You have a comet that has some magical powers that can be used for doing good and evil. A sorceress by the name of Nikki wants to acquire the powers from the comet because it would be rather hard to study the same. However it's not so simple because an evil queen is also in the quest of getting these powers which she wants to use for doing her evil work. Now Fargus and Nikki have to get these powers before the queen gets them and that's where the fun sets blazing. The visual element in the game is very attractive and the graphics are you can say close to 3D with the gaming style being 2D. Every time you play the game you will find that there are distinct endings which add a lot of replay value to it. The controls are nothing short of fantastic and the sounds in the game are very inviting and unique. Pandemonium which is the predecessor version of this game also had some good gameplay elements and graphics with smooth gameplay.

2.5D style of gameplay

Pandemonium 2 is a great platforming game, with great visuals and good gameplay. The plot of the game is quite strange, but it sounds quite interesting. It's about a comet that holds some powerful magic power passes over the land of Lyr for the first time. Nikki, a sorceress decides in taking the power because this way she could earn it faster than study. But, an evil seeks this comet as well and wants to take all the power for herself. It's up to Nikki and Fargus, a jester, to get the powers of the comet before the queen. The game adopts what some call it "2-and-a-half D gameplay" that it's basically having 3D polygon graphics, while having a standard 2D style of gameplay.

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