Action 1996 Windows Interplay Military Adventure Rpg

A great idea but ruined a little by the weak graphics

Re-Loaded is a 1996 shooter game where your main purpose is to kill, in order not to be killed first! The main characteristics of this action game are: huge amounts of blood, big weapons, many and not so intelligent enemies. Its prequel wasn't that successful, so that is why this game came to improve the image of its developers with new graphics, massive gore and with weirder characters. Your opponents will be annihilated with weapons like plasma cannons, lasers and ultra bombs, all this among various missions to solve. When you first play this game, the gameplay will attract you enough into wanting to discover what lies further. The video presentation of your selected character will activate a huge appetite for action and massacre. The graphics are nothing to shout about, because the missions are unreeled on polygons over which some mundane textures were thrown. The setting contains rocky areas, military bases, catacombs, and many other strange locations you have to explore. The primary idea launched and incorporated in Re-Loaded is extremely interesting, but it is a pity that the producers didn't put great effort into the graphics area, which resulted to be quite weak. Well, you will enjoy it, despire this flaw!

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