Action 1995 Windows Dosbox Fragment Military

The action is great and also the graphics

It is an action game that is played from a town down view and is a simple yet classical addictive pursuit. The plot is a typical one where you be playing the role of an officer whose task is to provide security to an asteroid colony which has now been invaded by some unknown aliens. So all the action will be directed to get rid of these creatures. The top down view of the field where all the action will take place has been supported by some very good SVGA graphics which provides a detailed view of the action. You will be using a variety of different grenades to throw at your enemies and will have to collect different power ups and items for scoring points and for gaining strength. While you fight with the aliens, you will have to survive bazookas, gun machines and scorpions which will face you front on. Completing the missions in time and by reaching desire destinations within the time frame is a very competitive pursuit in the game and especially the time frame thing really made me enjoyed the game. The gameplay is diverse because you can buy a lot of weapons with the reward point that you earn. Gauntlet is the other game in which you see a similar gameplay and therefore both are a good recommendation.

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