Action 1997 Windows Webfoot Technologies Military

Pretty fun arcade with submarines, a bit shallow though (sic!)

It's no wonder SubHunt doesn't go out of its way to include more variety to the core game; after all it was more of an experiment/school project, produced by one of the first generations of students of game design at a North Texas university. But, what was managed was a pretty alright action game, in which you steer a submersible, fire torpedoes and long range missiles at other submersibles or at ships and generally try out different combinations of weapons or projectile types until you get bored. The number of levels the game packs is about 12, and there are 3 levels of difficulty; the game also has a bit of a story, but it's no involving narrative, it's just an extra to keep you playing and a sort of a funny story, if you'll be so pleased to the game to actually finished. I for once, didn't! At any rate, if you're looking for fun but more involving and intricate submarine games, see how you like Fast Attack: High Tech Submarine Warfare, a game that takes itself much more seriously, though still a very much playable experience.

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