Full Metal Jacket

Action 1996 Windows Mirinae Software Military

As good as the movie

Altough this game has nothing to to with the movie, it will be a worth giving a try and download. Full Metal Jacket game is an action based military game which involves destruction and chaos. The plot is based on the war between the Europe and allies of Asia and America but is not a part of the real history. No need to go into the details of the plot as it has been fantasized. The role that you will play in this game is to large military robot which features a lot of fire power and is very sophisticated and destructive. You will use this robot to perform a variety of missions and to bob down the resistance for the enemies. The 360 degree view of the game allows the player to move and fire in all directions and the game feels like a 3D version which it is not. The gaming engine is 2.5D and the A1 is very competitive as it provides a lot of scenarios which have their unique elements of gameplay. The user interface is not top notch but is still very much interpretable and simple. You can also collect a variety of power ups at different levels can perform varied moves. The controls are smooth and responsive and the game has a good replay value. I also like Re-Loaded because of the diversity of action in it.

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