Jurassic War

Strategy 1997 Dos Dosbox Digital Dreams Historical Real time

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An RTS with dinos! Yeeeey!

It's unclear whether men have actually shared the Earth with dinosaurs, but that's no reason not to explore what would happen if that were the case. And that's mainly the premise of this game, a nice RTS with the aforementioned dinosaurs starring both as resource and playing unit, combined. The game allows you to select from 8 tribes, each of which have their own little particularities, though a lot of the gameplay style is shared. The main differences is in the preferences that each tribe have towards certain weapons, some being more savvy with projectile weapons, some being more inclined towards melee combat. The game also brings in an original concept. Your main and only resource is dino meat, but if you go for a killing spree that is too damaging and too greedy, you won't have enough dinos to recruit and tame, later to use as combat war fodder. Because the dino units once trained inflict the most damage from all possible units (all fighting units also gain experience points and evolve the more kills they make, another interesting addition to the game) you will have to learn to be more respectful towards nature's gifts, so to speak, though the spawning of dinos can bring back the once lost balance, if a game lasts long enough. And it can last as long as you want, unfortunately, because the AI is not really that bright. Once you become good with the controls and understand what the main strategies to use are, you will be in a position to play a game of cat and mouse with your other enemy tribesmen. But, up until you master most of the emergent strategy lessons to be taught by the game, you'll be thankful for the lacking AI. The game couples regular skirmishes with a host of cool side missions, where you go on artifact chases, on hunting missions and more. If you like the premise, the game will offer you days upon days of play, as there are 8 different campaigns to complete. Complete with nice, semi cartoonish though not too varied graphics and the interesting mechanics I've mentioned above, this game can keep your DOSBox churning for weeks, ensnaring you to come back for yet another skirmish or mission. Yap, I'm a sucker for dinosaurs, so, maybe I'm a bit biased, but, really, if you like a good, though not very challenging RTS, this one can do the trick. Oh, if only the dinos would speak!

RTS not so smart AI

Jurassic War is a real-time strategy game that takes place during the stone age, the era of cavemen and dynosaurs. This is a quite a unique game, while no on par with some other RTS games, Jurassic War still manages to be a fun RTS game. In the game, you start off every map with a number of units and eventually buildings with a mission on each map. The goal is to extend your hunting grounds with the prey being wild animals from dogs to the mighty tyrannosaurus rex, at the same time that you're fighting other tribes. The hunting is also the way to gather the game's only resources, meat. The game plays like any other strategy game, in terms of controls. The only bad thing I have to say about this game is that it has one of the dumbest AI's in video game history. The enemy AI shows no will of attacking and if one of you're units stands next to another one which is attacked, won't go out and help, making combat in the game really frustrating. The graphics are good and the soundtrack is amazing, even though it's a bit out of place.

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