Liquid War

Strategy 2002 Windows Real time

Psychedelic color based wargame!

Liquid War is a conflict heavy game, almost a wargame, however instead of battling against classic units of any kind, the battle is between colors! Yep, psychedelia runs heavy with this one. Each color has a different set of properties, and you have to paint a certain area, with the right color to get an advantage. It's also cool that, it's liquid based – you paint tracks on the field and your color units will follow them. Thus, while psychedelic in the way it is built, it has all the necessary tools to allow you to control the game properly, and keep you engaged with it. Each new map will require a different approach, that is all about paying attention to the way the other colors are arranged. A cool thing is that you play against another human player if you want; you can engage in skirmishes with no less than 5 other players, so 6 in total. And, so, you will find that it engages you, with its paintbrush controls and with its really weird build. Something similar is also Colorful Notes, though more of a classic tile based puzzle than anything else. Yet, it is lots of fun to play just as well, so have it in your weird games collection as well.

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