Hogs of War

Strategy 2000 Windows Infogrames Organized forces Real time Turn based Tactical Action

Wacky strategy game; Worms with pigs!

Replace Worms with Hogs, and you've got the basis of an absolutely fabulous game! This one plays like Worms in the sense that you are dropped on a (3D) map and there you have to take your enemies out. You have a good arsenal of weapons and your own know-how of ballistics to aid you in getting the job done. The game never gets too serious, and the maps contribute to this state of affairs quite a lot. All of the maps are colorful, wacky, and have a really interesting sense of humor about them. But, with all the colors of the world and all the trickery and all the saturated colors in the world, this game is by no means a joke, nope, it will actually take quite a bit of strategic thinking from your part so that you don't get overwhelmed. Oh, and the hogs squealing and talking their pig Latin (sic!) does for the greatest combination of serious and not so serious, for those moments when a Command and Conquer game! is just too much seriousness stacked together For those moments, Hogs is surely great!

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