Red Baron 3D

Simulation 1998 Windows Dynamix Flight World Wars War

WWI flight sim with graphics that are dated for 98

Come on, Dynamix, for Pete's sake, by the end of the 90s 3D had began to be a lot more substantial and a lot more detailed than this! Yes, your game is ok, it includes a nice, lengthy campaign, but graphically it is too sparse and non diverse to keep anyone interested. I get that you put more effort in keeping the mission real life like, but common on, one single sheet of a green texture and a few simple polygonal structures could be put in games back in the 80s, when games were motorized by x86 processors and graphics chips of 1MB were considered top of the line! So, let's face it, Red Baron 3D tried hard to sell a few units to those players of the original Red Baron game. Game which, even if lesser graphically, or rather, making use of a lesser engine, somehow managed to crow in a lot more detailed structures. But, at any rate, it's of no consequence to try and demonize this game: it is what it is, an ok flight sim, only that it slacks off graphically and thus make you feel like you're flying through emptiness most of the time. Yes, the dogfights are nice, and they can be engaging, but I can't say they are enough, even for forgiving retro gamers.

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