Battle of Britain

Simulation 1999 Windows TalonSoft Flight War Historical Simulator

Wargame focused on the WWI aerial conflicts of Britain

The reason why this game managed to pull off a nice stunt of including both very specific aerial tactical wargaming gameplay plus economical based strategy elements, all in one, and all very well delivered, was because the game had the well known Gary Grigsby at its helm as a main developer. Gary Grigsby had a series of games all of his own, a master class in serious wargaming computerized simulation, which showed that playability and control over the tactical intricacies of the game didn't really have to be mutually exclusive, but they had to be implemented with care and with consideration for the player. At any rate, this belief system is concretized in Battle of Britain (2000)by compacting 2 different gameplay types in this one game, each one with its own menus and its own demands and rewards, but both of them mutually interconnected, so that you're always going to be looking to perform great in both of them. The plane tactical play is lower level, and it involves some action (o, rather, puzzle) elements while the economics and other higher hierarchical strategy elements play as you'd expect them to: turn based and very carefully! That is why Battle of Britain (2000) can stand its ground amongst Gary Grigsby's classics and will really satisfy those looking for aerial combat tactical wargames.

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