Red Baron 2

Simulation 1997 Windows 1C Company Flight Historical

A different flight simulator game

The Red Baron 2, is a 1997 flight simulator made by SIERRA. It is a sequel to the 1990 game Red Baron. If you are into flight simulators, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, then this game is for you. Unfortunately, flight simulators always only seem to attract a small niche audience of gamers. Flight simulator games can often be quite boring and very educational, only targeting those who are interested in entering flight training in real life. What makes the Red Baron 2 , different is that it actually made for entertainment, rather than the main focus being on trying to replicate the experience of flying. Red Baron 2 , does pay close attention to historical accuracy, which can be quite interesting learning about , especially if you are a history war buff. The game focuses on World War 1, and all the famous aircraft used in that time period. The Red Baron 2 also even pays attention to the battles, scenery and famous fighter pilots from the World War 1 era. Sierra even went as far as paying close attention to detail, such as the real problems pilots faced in the World War 1 dogfights such as your gun jamming, engine damage etc. An entertaining game for me as it was educational and entertaining and I am not usually a fan of flying simulators or even flying games, however this one is pretty good and worth a try.

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