Red Baron

Simulation 1990 Dos Dynamix Flight Design Tool Historical

A legendary flight sim about legendary WWI battles

Red Baron is a very well realized arcade/sim flight game, which is set in the midst of the aerial battles of WWI. That was a really trying period for pilots, who were really put to their paces. Generally, the planes were quite flimsy and hard to controls, underpowered and pretty easy to target, both from the ground as well as from the air. But there were also pilots that were outstanding, such as the Red Baron, who made a name for himself. Thus, this game lets you relive the situations that the Red Baron was put through, and, also, if you fall in love with the game's engine and graphics, create your own missions. The game packs a well done, simple to use even by today's standards mission creating toolset. But until you decide whether to use it or not, the game's missions will really put you through your paces. Red baron packs lots of aerial combat missions, really cool dogfights where a steady aim is what you'll use, for your gun, and smart rather than fast maneuvers. One of the greatest there is, even if not the best from a graphics standpoint. Yeah, Red Baron hasn't really aged that well, but it's still playable still. See later iterations for improved graphics.

Play or fight the Red Baron

Red Baron is one of the best aerial dogfighting games ever released, still famous today. Developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra, the game had a lot to offer, with a very high replay value. As many other games, you can have the choice to play a career mode, where you can fly either for the German Air Force or the Allied Air Force, combat an ace, do a single mission, fly a plane around or fight with a friend. The career mode is self-explanatory: you can on different mission, in each one to destroy certain number of enemy airplanes. Having a choice to play with either the Axis or the Allies, the replay value is quite high. As the name of the game suggests, you might either be flying in the Red Baron's squadron or even find him as an enemy. Dogfighting with an ace takes some practice due to the fact that these prove to be worthy and brutal enemies.

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