Team Apache

Simulation 1998 Windows Simis Limited Flight War

Thrilling dogfights, really adddictive

It is among the very few flight war simulations which really give you an exciting feel of being engaged in flight wars. There is a good range of diferent misisons where you enage in dogfights and destroying on ground targets. Every mission has its own dyanamics where you have to be a bit strategic in how you engage the enemy and how you lanch your weapons. The flight carrier that you are provided in the game is thoug not much advanced but the flight physics is really great which give you a real feel and is supported by some very good and well synced controls. The controls are so swift that they allow you to do air stunts with a lot of action. The weapons that you have are also exciting as they are really destructive. The best feature in the game is the mission editor through which you can add a lot of details to all the missions that you perform and the interface is so well designed and easy that every option can be easily implemented. The graphics in the game are a bit average but they are good enough to tag with the exciting and engaging gameplay. Sim Copter is another flight simulation which is quite simple but has the feature of being really addictive.

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