Red Sky at Morning

Simulation 1993 Dos Simulations Canada Naval Politics Historical

A very well made simulation

It is a hypothetical naval war simulation which despite its fictional theme has a lot of real war elements. Here you are on the verge of a nuclear weapons because the ships that you have are nuclear capable and you also have a variety of different destructive weapons. You will either take control of the US ships or you can play for the USSR naval army. The first good thing in the game is that you have some very good and realistic details in the game in the form of the warfare and the dynamics of planning different strategies. Similarly they have added a lot of details in the scenarios and you also have the option of multi-player via Network connection. The game also has some fine graphics though they are not much detailed and do not have a good design. The graphics are good enough in the sense that you get a clear picture of the real time action. The user interface in the game is very good to support all the details of the gameplay and the controls work quite smooth. Some exciting simulations like this one and Northern Fleet has given this genre a world of boost.

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