Carriers at War II

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox SSG Strategic Studies Group Naval Historical

ASCII graphics naval sim

What Carriers at War did later on in full 2D, colorful graphics, Carriers at War II does in ASCII, with a bare minimum set of graphics, but the end result is similar and in my opinion just as satisfying. Although the name would suggest that you will strictly be endeavoring to control and arrange your fleet of aircraft carriers, in truth the game is a little deeper than that, though indeed lots of your war scheming will be based on this particular task. But the war effort, WWI themed, asks of you to make a deeper strategic effort, allowing and also asking of you to control and prioritize your naval warfare on a slightly deeper level. That means that you will also be looking at managing the airplanes, the naval supply chain, the comings and goings of your ships while trying to keep losses of vessels at a minimum. The game is delivered turn based style, so in that respect it is similar to classic wargames that are waged over strips of land, but your mindset will undoubtedly be a similar one. The shortcomings? Well, the lack of proper graphics might be one, but then again, it can be a matter of taste, and also, another problem that may creep on you is the use keyboard for controls, maybe a little more of an offset for those more used with a mouse driven control scheme.

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