Northern Fleet

Simulation 1989 Dos Simulations Canada Naval Historical

Naval simulation set in the days of the cold war

Not many know that the cold war had quite a bit of actual military forces knocking about. Not only terrestrial and, generally, information based cold warfare, but also a portion of naval tactics was used. Well, this is a game that allows you to go about that exact kind of thing, to see what and how the ships were used during that troublesome historic period. And, as you'll find out, the political, economic, and the power play structure of the era is simulated quite well, making this very restricted simulator feel even more grounded in historical truth. Always, when dealing with such games, you ask yourself what the best level of entry is, you know, at what level the game should be based. Well, in this one you command small fleets and individual destroyers, and as such the game offers you a very well balanced window into the game, where you fell you have enough control over it, but aren't bugged by too much detail work. Anyway, if you like naval simulation/wargames, give it a try and if it won't sink with you, see Carriers at War II, old but nonetheless very detailed, much more detailed than this other one.

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