Simulation 1993 Dos Software Sorcery Naval Historical

Tense and exciting historical action

It's time to get your sea-legs on and try out your command skills in this interesting and reasonably compelling piece of WWI maritime action. Players get the chance to find out what it was like to take control of a mighty warship in the Atlantic campaign of the war, with options to play as both the German Imperial Fleet and the British Royal Navy. There's a wealth of other options as well, and you can play just a single mission, a campaign or for the ultimate challenge, try and survive the entire war in control of an entire fleet, with the safety of hundreds of brave men in your hands. The missions and experiences on display here feel quite authentic, with everything from night raids and torpedo runs to full-on fleet engagements to enjoy and with a good mix of action, strategy and tension to add to the appeal. There's a good level of detail here, with players able to experience the full range of activities involved in running a ship, from planning tactical missions, to keeping track of damage control and of course sending deadly torpedoes hurtling through the ocean and for the most part, this is a pretty successful sim. Visually, Jutland stands up quite well, with some nice animation and satisfying explosions although the ocean view does get understandably repetitive. There are some great touches to boost the atmosphere, like the propaganda messages and the vintage footage, while the gameplay itself is pretty easy to get into, but which offers a lot to sink your teeth into and which proves highly enjoyable. Really, if you're looking for a game which offers an exciting look at an underused aspect of military history, this makes for an excellent experience.

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