Speed Racer The Great Plan

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Go go Speed Racer!

Fans of the classic American remake of the famous Japanese anime show will love this cracking little racing game. It captures the spirit of the show and turns it into an exciting racing game that is just as much fun as things like Outrun and Power Drift. There is a story here, which is unusual for a driving game and which sees the titular racer taking on seven campaign tracks which are just littered with obstacles, enemy drivers, deadly gaps and other such hazards. You take to the challenge in your legendary car, the Mach 5, which comes loaded with a whole range of useful gadgets. These include the likes of a super jump, the ability to survive under water and so on. All the main characters from the show are featured here, while the whole thing is presented as a sort of TV show itself, with the levels done up as episodes. You can also take on another human player in two up mode, which adds significantly to the fun. Speed Racer really is a cracking little driving game that provides a lot of fun. It takes its source material and adapts it in a way that feels absolutely right and which does not disgrace its inspiration or use it in a ham fisted way. The driving action itself is fast and furious, with some very cool levels to drive around at high speed and which provide a good level of challenge. The visual design work is also top notch, with an authentic look that captures the series perfectly and distinctly. When you throw in the cool sound and two player mode, you have all the makings of a delightful little racer.

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