A2 Racer

Racing 1997 Windows Davilex Design Tool City race Driving

The NFS Hot Pursuit like racer of the 97 era

A2 Racer is a mixed bag of racing tropes. On one hand it features police chases and the gameplay that seems to be a sort of proto NFS type of game, but on the other it manages to botch things up with really arcade like controls. Nope, not that arcade racers can't be fun, but surely not all of them feel so twitchy like this one. So, you can drive and you can do it in a multitude of environments, on streets that are full of other vehicles or in places that feature less traffic. If you manage to hit other cars (apart from the ones that you're driving against) the police is going to chase you and if caught the race is over. There isn't much of a backstory to your driving shenanigans which would have been alright if the game was more fun. But, even if you have some of the ingredients, relatively lots of cars to choose from, different tracks, the drive to play is just not there. The game simply feels too desolate and too empty, and coupled with its lack of control polish really won't be anyone's cup of tea. Later games will try to fix the game but the A2 Racer series never got it right really.

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