Rick Dangerous

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Core Design Platformer Puzzle based

Platformer that is simple but very playable and well crafted

Rick Dangerous is a lesser known classic, but nevertheless, it's prestige is not earned for nothing. Having been deployed in 1989, it's graphical style is crude but very nice and with lots of details, and it sports the kind of DOS era 8 bit style that many games, especially the ones designed by Epic Megagames sported. No, it's not one of Epic's games, but Core Design did a very good job with this platformer too. One great thing about the game is its sprawling diversity. It's in the types of challenges you face, in the very well balanced manner in which the game progresses in difficulty and the sheer joy of basic controls. If you've ever experienced a shoddy platformer, you know how easy it is to break a games controls, even if it all should be as simple as possible. But no, Rick Dangerous does a good job with the controls as well, and thus manages to offer you a great overall experience. Much of the action will happen underground, in a sprawling set of caves, but the games also makes use of some simpler, less height intense gameplay, especially in the begging. So, if you love platformers, Rick Dangerous is definitely a game to go for, as it sports a great recipe and it manages to be consistent throughout.

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