Night Shift

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox LucasArts Cartoon Platformer Puzzle based

Platformer puzzler with interesting minigames

Night Shift presents you with a virtual side scrolling factory which needs to be fixed, from time to time, to function properly. What does the factory produce? Toys! What kind of toys? LucasArts figurines and other such props! So, if you feel like giving the creators of Star Wars a hand at keeping their star troopers figurines running, you should get down in this game. The minigames and puzzles this game throws at you are not the most diverse you are ever bound to find. It is mostly a flip of the switch here, a run on the mill and get a piece in the right slot there. But, for some reason, this timed run from placed to place feels rather rewarding, and you will not feel like you had enough for a long time. Graphically, the game looks very good, with nice animations, good tile based backgrounds and a cartoony feel that is very nice and successfully points out the beauty of this game. If you want a relaxing set of minigames and a nice puzzler platformer look and design, Night Shift is sure to provide in full, so do try it!

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