Impossible Mission 2

Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Epyx Platformer Puzzle based

You will love the action and adventure

It is a great action game that involves adventure and some sci-fi elements which all have been synced perfectly to give you a gem. The action from the very start is thrilling and the same pattern flows till the very end. So you won't see the game going off color throughout the action. The plot that you have here is that your character will penetrate into some building where an evil plan is being drafted. You need to take control of the building and get all the details of the plan so that the evil can be stopped. In your encounter at every level, you will be engaging with different enemies which include robots. The fun part in the game is to dodge the evil robots while you get the details from various computers. In terms of the shooting action, the game is very much on a destructive note but you have to be very good with the reflexes and should use your mind before making any move. The adventure element in the game is basically in the form of suspense about what is waiting for you next. The graphics in the game are brilliant and so are the responsive controls. The A1 works great and makes the game far better than the original Mission: Impossible.

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