Horror Zombies from the Crypt

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Astral Platformer Puzzle based Zombies

Short horror action adventure and platformer

If you want to find a flaw in Horror Zombies from the Crypt then the main one might be the length of the game. It only offers you 6 relatively small levels, and by the end of them you will most likely crave for more. But, given that the game progresses in such a way as to keep you wanting for more, it comes as no surprise that you will feel as if the game really offers you a lot. The game plays as an adventure, on one hand because of the way it sprinkles puzzles throughout. However, this is no point and click, no, there is also some platforming and some other gameplay stiles that the game keeps offering to you. There are traps, there are ghouls to avoid and there are zombies that all want to get you! In the classical sidescroller feel, the game features a protagonist that will remind you of the classical Duke Nukem series, the 2D one. So, with 6 Castlevania like levels and a world of zombies, ghouls and other nightmarish creatures that want you, plus a few nice puzzles, Horror Zombies from the Crypt can be exactly the game to try just before Halloween or any time you want to get a classic era scare in a platformer like environment.

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