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Avalon Hill boardgame turned digital

Kingmaker is a proper tabletop game turned digital, fantastic in build, structure, simplicity of concept and also0 height of execution. What it really does particularly good is create the feeling that you are in control, even if a lot of actions are barred by rolls of virtual dices. But, even in spite of that, Kingmaker creates a remarkable world, and it gives you the ability to control the world in easy to comprehend ways, that simply make sense. In some ways, the best thing about Kingmaker is the fact that it is a disguised strategy, but it might also feel like a puzzles. You get tiles, and you control everything from the top down map, from the conflicts to all the other activities, economic, strategic, managerial and so on. Graphically, it sure shows its age, but that is also okay, as the game does a great job of keeping itself truly playable and immediately interactible with. Similar, though lots different in build, the Civilization series is absolutely fantastic for lovers of top down strategy, all encompassing, with loads of elements and win states.

King or not

Kingmaker is originally a strategy board game, (something like Risk for PC) set in the 15th century England, during the War of the Roses. Two to seven people can play this game in which the main objective is to defeat the other players. Each player builds a faction of nobles that, through battle, diplomacy and politics try to defeat the other player's factions. The purpose is to acquire a royal heir from either the house of Lancaster or York and slay all other heirs and to end the game by having yours crowned as King of England. This game is the computer adaptation to the board game and it reproduces it perfectly, from the look of the boardgame to the gameplay. The game allows you to play against up to five other computer controlled factions. Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer, so it's just you and the computer. The graphics and gameplay of the game are very poor and there is virtually no music. Well, turning a board game into a computer one is rarely succesfull. I think that, if you want to play a good boardgame, better get your friends, buy some drinks and pizza, turn some good music and get yourself the original board game, and let the fun begin.

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