Robo Rumble

Strategy 1998 Windows IPS Computer Group Sp. z o.o. Real time Science Fiction Indie Sci fi

A great futuristic RTS

Robo Rumble is a 1998 real-time strategy game that will bring new options even from the beginning. Those that are used to achieve resources and to build units, will now spend their given money on new ones. The first thing that will impress you is the 3D engine with its extraordinary effects (various design and environment effects, like smooth shadows and other attractive textures). The developers have shown us how the futuristic battlefieds will look like: full of robots on the war path. Throughout the game you will have to prove that you own the best weaponry and that you win because of the strategy. When you begin, you will have to choose what type of tactician you will be. If you can rely on the acknowlegde of your enemy, and also on using ingenious means of fight, you can be helped by your mission briefer: a spy. He can offer you upgrades and build new units. You won't be abandoned for sure! A professional team will be there to support you, suggesting among other assistance, the most appropriate strategies. Remember that talking to your advisers costs you money, so no useful and crucial information is free. If you don't have enough money to receive the wanted help, you can try a bargain, but only if you're lucky it will work. The robots can be created with different traits: fast, slow, powerful or with shooting skills from afar. Defend from the aliens and other threats, and play this game!

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