Thandor: The Invasion

Strategy 2000 Windows JoWood Productions Real time Trade or management Science Fiction

Keep away!

There are a number of classic real-time strategy games out there, from the likes of Dune 2 to Command & Conquer and the original Warcraft. There are even plenty of middle-of-the-road offerings that are still worth playing, such as KKND, even though they don't bring anything new to the table. And then there are the terrible RTSs, which are just so poor and unimaginative that you can't bring yourself to play. Guess which category Thandor falls into? It's a science fiction RTS which aims to tell a compelling tale of a mighty Alliance which defeated the terrible Golrath but which has now splintered and started fighting amongst itself. It's standard sci-fi stuff but far from compelling in the way it's presented here. The gameplay is highly familiar stuff too, being a very ordinary 3D RTS where you battle it out with your enemies while building units and mining resources in order to build more. There's little else to say about the game really and if you're even remotely familiar with the genre then you'll find no surprises here. That needn't necessarily be a bad thing as it could still have been enjoyable, but unfortunately, this one just gets everything wrong right from the start. The story is less than interesting and poorly presented, while the gameplay suffers from so many baffling design choices that you have to wonder what on earth the developers were thinking. Presentation is dreadful too, and the visuals have dated poorly so really, unless you need every RTS on the market in your collection, avoid this.

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