X-COM: Apocalypse

Strategy 1997 Dos Dosbox Microprose Organized forces Real time Science Fiction Turn based Sci fi

An unlikely plot but better tactics play than ever!

X-COM: Apocalypse is on top of its game in and about most all departments: graphically it's brilliant, the fights are more tactically challenging and fiercer than ever, the diversity of the scenarios is also at an all times high (in the oldschool version of the X Coms, that is), but the story is kind of a letdown. I mean, really, the best that an alien invasion can do is pollute the world into oblivion?! Come on MicroProse, you're better than that! At any rate, kind of like with the other X Coms, this game doesn't go crazy on the story, in terms of making it an absolute necessity to enjoy the game. Oh, but the fights! This is where this X Com shines, with an incredible AI, with a roaster of characters even more interesting than before, with loads more options for customizations and other really nice additions. Plus, the graphics engine makes use of SVGA graphics, which means higher resolution worlds and better colors. Feel kind of off put by games that run exclusively turn based? Not to worry, if you dare you can tackle the game in real time, but you better be a well oiled mouse and keyboard wielding machine, otherwise it's gonna be so hard! Play it, and then jump straight into the modern 3D series, which picks it up rather nicely and does justice to the series as well.

Better than its prequel, maybe even than the original

The third one in the X-Com series, this game is set in a post-apocalyptic world which is a result from the battle from the prior game, Terror from the Deep. You are yet again on a verge of an alien war, this time from a new race of organic aliens that don't like you one bit. This time, you don't want to fight them at your own turf - you have to take their alien ship to their planet and bring the war to them. The game isn't much different than the prior two, in terms of both gameplay and graphics. There is a novelty, though - this time the game is set on a single city rather than the planet and the game introduces real time battles along with the turn based ones, giving similarity to the game StarCraft. Also, the graphics are finally greatly enhanced, which was much needed in the last games. This game is a breath of fresh air from it underwater predecessor, and a much needed cosmetical improvement from the original, all while staying as good and true to the game as always. Highly recommended!

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