Battle Isle: The Andosia War

Strategy 2000 Windows Blue Byte Real time Trade or management Science Fiction Turn based Sci fi

To battle!

This is the last entry in a long running entry of turn-based strategy games which began with the original Battle Isle and continued with the likes of The Moon of Chromos and Shadow of the Emperor. As a series, the games are all pretty decent but this is perhaps the best entry in the franchise and which makes for a decently thrilling experience. This one mixes in real time strategy elements alongside the turn-based gameplay and while it's not radically different from other similar games, it's got enough style to make it worth a look. The game pits two forces, the Children of Harris and Bratt's Legions, against one another in a pair of mission-based campaigns, which include all the expected features. You've got the various unit types to make use of, while there are a few different environments to battle over too and which add in more tactical depth. You also have to manage supplies, conduct research and repairs and build up new units, all the while engaging in combat with your foes. If you've played any similar game before, like the Command and Conquer series, you'll know pretty much what to expect here and while it's not up to the best of the aforementioned franchise, it's still good solid fun. The whole thing is pretty easy to get to grips with, thanks to an intuitive interface, while the visuals are decent, if unspectacular. The gameplay however, is nicely varied and certainly deep enough to keep armchair generals satisfied, with plenty of units and tasks to carry out, while the combat is rarely less than enjoyable. All in all, a good bit of strategy fun.

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