Robocop 2D 3

Arcade 2007 Windows Platformer Horizontal shooter Epic Action based

A modern sidescrolling action game; great graphics

Robocop 2D 3 is the third in a series of Robocop wielding games, where your main goal is to go from point A (left!) to the exit (right!) On the way there, you will have a large number of enemies to take down, avoid, a lot of weapons to use, as well as a great number of other cool and darkly backgrounds and foreground elements. What makes Robocop 2D 3 special is the atmosphere it has. Many games starring Robocop have managed to get the shooting and the robot part well enough, but they were not able to get the game to create a believable world, one that had the same kind of retro futuristic feel of the movies. But not Robocop 2D 3; this one is actually really satisfying and very capable. So, overall, Robocop 2D 3 takes its cues from the movie and it is thus very atmospheric, with a satisfying and special kind of gloominess. Similarly download Robocop 2D the first or the second, they're both good enough, even if this third game does a much better job of it all and is unmistakably the most atmospheric of them all.

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