Arcade 1990 Dos Topo Soft Platformer Horizontal shooter Military

Kill the bad guys, save the day

Toposoft is a Spanish developer whose games had a very distinctive look, with Silent Shadow and Tour 91 sharing those colorful, personality-filled graphics that helped to make them stand out. R.A.M. hails from the same studio and likewise is possessed of some nice chunky sprites, particularly on the Amstrad, and is fortunately also pretty decent in the gameplay department. It's a tough actioner that is highly reminiscent of Trantor, Savage and Rush 'n Attack and which finds the player in control of a typical action hero called Fox. It's Fox's job to head to Russia on the trail of a missing agent who was looking into a secret weapon known as RAM and what this translates into is a side scrolling platform/action adventure. You basically make your way through several locations, laying waste to all who stand between you and that secret weapon, making this non-stop action from start to finish. You start out with little more than an assault rifle and a few grenades but if you survive long enough, you can jump on stationary guns or even take the wheel of a few vehicles in order to take the fight to the enemy. RAM is far from being a classic and isn't exactly overburdened in the complexity stakes but it delivers where it counts, and that's in the action department. The bad guys come at you thick and fast, requiring a fast trigger finger and some platforming dexterity if you want to survive. The graphics are pretty slick too, with some decent scrolling and those lovely chunky sprites and backgrounds, and all combine to help make this simple but entertaining stuff.

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