Rock'n Roll

Puzzle 1989 Dos Dosbox Rainbow Arts Reflex oriented

Keep on rolling, baby. You know what time it is.

This is a fantastic relex-oriented gem that will get you hooked within minutes. The concept is very simple - guide the rolling ball to the exit of the level. Ahead of you are many obstacles and dangers as well as rewards and items, and you have to be careful not to get hurt on your way to get them! You earn money by rolling your ball through the boxes full of it and if there are items that you need to buy, again you just have to roll your ball over the needed item. That may be harder than it seems, though - the momentum of the rolling ball may not enable you to stop and get the box needed. Items like hammers are very much needed because sometimes you can't pass a section because it's blocked by a door you have to smash using it. It's all about having very quick reflexes. This is one of those "easy to learn but difficult to master" games because it will get really easy at first but will get progressively harder as you continue to play. The whole game is addictive and fun as hell. The graphics of the game are very adequate for everything you need and very advanced for the year of release. Overall, Rock 'n Roll may be one of the best "roll the ball" games that there are, and you are guaranteed a hell of a good time.

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