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Marble Madness meets Chips Challenge!

The world of the game is a pretty interesting one, as you'll play an Oxyd, a molecule starved for oxygen, in a world where oxygen is pretty hard to come by! But don't worry, the game doesn't ask you to study chemistry to actually play it, nope, it's an action puzzler, fusing the Marble Madness careful manipulation of a sphere mechanics with the kind of puzzle game mechanics that Chip's Challenge offered. Therefore, the resulting brew is interesting both for action oriented players of arcade games as well as for purebred puzzle aficionados. Graphically the game is pretty sparse, but given its theme, this no thrills approach works great for it. You won't have any inconvenient color clashes, and no particularly obnoxious objects to be inconvenienced about! Difficulty wise it's a good, lenient drive towards the more challenging bits, so that you'll have the time to learn how to control the game and to sink into its challenges. Plus, the game is endlessly varied, with lots of challenges and obstacles, that will test both your dexterity and your strategic thinking. A must play, really if you loved any of the games I mentioned above. Plus, you might want to try the later release, Oxyd Magnum which adds even more variety to the game.

Fun and easy way to find the puzzle

Oxyd was developed by Meinolf Amekudzi and published by Dongleware Verlags. This DOS game was released in 1990. This puzzle game has some clean challenges and levels. You have to start the oxygen generator by following some pattern. The landscape of this game has a lot of clues and from there you have to find the clues and use them in the game. Some of the levels are difficult but overall it is an easy game that you will enjoy. It is a similar puzzle games like Marble Madness. You will also love all the sequels of this game. It has several levels and after level 10 the game become little difficult to play. Although it's a DOS game, you will love playing it. You have to control the black marble in this game. One of the limitations of this game is that it is a single player game. When it was released in early 90s it gained a lot of popularity. If you like classic puzzle game then it's a perfect game for you.

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