Rocket Fuel Mayhem

Arcade 2003 Windows Kentauri Space combat

Fighter game with space ships; well executed

If you felt like fighter games with human, android, and robotic fighters have become a bit too old, this ships in space fighter game surely takes that classic recipe to new spaces, and it explores it from a very novel point of view. Thus, as you will find out soon enough, Rocket Fuel Mayhem is pretty interesting, and pretty cool; your ship has a lot of power moves, ut in order to use them you need to learn the combos. And, with easy to learn controls and well produced builds, Rocket Fuel Mayhem does a great job of it all; you will also have a strategy portion, as managing your power and your attacks sure has a tactics part to it. But, ultimately, the game, even if it might not look it at a first glance, it just the same kind of monster as Street Fighter used to be. Which is just loads of fun, and is just a fantastic relaxing experience. Also, especially this title does a great job of producing beautiful results in terms of the strategic portion, as managing your ship, in single or multiplayer really gives fighter games a new lease of life. Worth it, for sure, if you like oddball games, but well produced.

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