Arcade 2002 Windows Horizontal shooter Space combat

Smooth and highly playable horizontal shooter

This here is a very playable horizontal shooter, though at times it has a few other kinds of perspectives, but for the most part you will be flying your very beautiful white space craft from left to tight. The game is very well polished and very well realized. It's a clean graphics game, clean in terms of controls and the way the enemies come at you. This is a very intense game that always offers you a path to take, as it is not produced randomly, or if randomness enters the equation at any point, it is managed very smartly. Thus, within Amanagi you get a very particular and beautiful experience from all points of views. So, if you love stylized 2.5D games, this is a very good one to go for. Also, as a touch of originality, you can choose what powerups to use, as you're able to cycle through them, which makes playing a little less random and a bit more strategic. Great from all points of view, playable, hard at times, but that calculated and well produced kind of difficulty and, also, a game that never goes out of fashion, with beautiful graphics. For a similar, yet 2D similar experience, see Radias for Windows 95 which is just as intense as well.

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