Lunar Lander

Arcade 2002 Windows Space combat Single screen Epic Strategic scope

Simple arcade game

It is an arcade style flight simulation where your flight is a lunar lander. The game is not a typical shooter flight simulation and is basically made on the theme involving dynamics of gravity and inertia. You will be operating the lunar lander and you have to make it land on targeted spots. It's not a free dimensional flight and you can only rotate your lunar lander and adjust the thrust level and the speeds to meet your target landing. You will find that the science dynamics of gravity and inertia are quite realistic and they have been incorporated into the gameplay excellently. There are 15 different scenarios or level design in the game which are unique from each other and have their own set of dynamics which gets tougher as you advance. The campaign mode in the game is also very wonderful and it merges the scenarios to make the gameplay even more interesting. The graphics in the game are not much pleasing but are manageable. The controls are the key here and they are very well synced with the animations of the game. It is a bit different from other flight simulations but is still quite enjoyable. For more conventional themes and gameplay, try Impact Disaster.

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