Sword of the Samurai

Strategy 1989 Dos Dosbox Microprose Organized forces Myth and legend Action Adventure Simulation Historical

Be a 15th century samurai leader!

Sword of the Samurai is an action, strategy, political (though not directly) and eco sim, that takes a good gander at the life of a 15th century samurai leader and the activities that he (and very rarely, though sometimes – she!) was involved with. You will have to grow into the role though, from a small, young samurai, to the level where you gain land, amass armies and prepare to invade the neighboring lands to make them your own. But it's definitely fun, and it's pretty interesting to sink into, no matter what! So, the idea is that the shogunate, at first will give you missions, but later on you'll be the one dealing with these, playing this role. So, it's a diverse game, it is action oriented, and it has this strategic edge that I'm sure will really make you be interested in it all. It's fun, graphically it's not eh worst (!) 8 bit game out there, though definitely on the lower side, graphical quality wise. But given the matter at hand, I think that it will spark some interest, and, plus, the lower grade graphics don't really negatively influence the game. So, become a honorable samurai, land lord, winner of armed clashes, mighty swordsman, and also, download Master of Magic, for a non Japanese influenced though similar strategic/action game.

Bushido is most important for the samurai

As a really big anime fan that had an affinity for samurais, I was naturally inclined to try the Sword of the Samurai game out and I am really glad that I chose to do so. Not only does the game has fabulous gradation, the gameplay of the game is really fun, exciting and highly entertaining. The game puts you in a position of a lowly samurai that was never heard of and you have to make your way gradually to the very top. You're ambitious - you want to become Shogun! The setting is fabulous - we are talking about Feudal Japan and the game really put a huge amount of effort to make the whole atmosphere as authentic as possible, complete with Oriental music that plays in the backgroud. You can expect really intense duels, a variety of choices that highly determine the general outcome of the game and ultimately and most importantly - a huge amount of fun. The graphics of the game are fabulous - lots of colors, rich detail and lots of fine textures. It truly is a great sight for the eye! In any case, I enjoyed the game tremendously and I think that any otaku or Japan enthusiast will do best do download the game and take a few swings with your newly obtained katana.

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