Ruckus Poker

Strategy 1993 Dos Villa Crespo Software Cards

A poker sim, pretty convincing

Along with the actual poker simulation, Ruckus Poker offers you a cool interface, where you can see and to an extent, communicate with your fellow players; thus, in terms of feel, Ruckus Poker is a much more interesting game than a simple poker only sim; however, the game is by no means a complete package; it's nice graphically, plays pretty well, but after a while the graphics and the interaction (via mini popup menus) gets old. In the early 90s, this could have been a pretty neat departure from video poker games and the like, but today, it just feels dated, in a bad way, and not too original. Yes, it's complex, with a lot more to it than just classic poker sim ideas, and you can play as if you were playing against real players, but, still, the social part of it all can be a little bit disappointing. Similarly, from the same company, Ruckus Roulette offers you a similar experience, as if you were playing against real people, as I said, to the point where early 90sl technology allowed that kind of immersion.

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