Ultimate Cards

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox Magicode Cards

6 well done card games; very playable

Ultimate Cards contains the following games: it has Spades, it has a good Hearts minigame, also Gin Rummy (not the best around, but still playable), it also has a game called Oh Hell, a sort of points based card game, a well done Whist card game and Crazy 8's which is not that bad, yet could have had a more incisive AI. Overall, graphically, the games are delivered in 2D, the kind that was common with the games released for the Win 3x platform, and also, it has enough additional content, such as a high score board and opponents to choose from, which all stand for different difficulty levels for the game. Overall, while Card Player's Paradise is a game released later on, with better graphics, those that want a really old feel for their card game recreations can give this one a go, it sure has enough oomph to keep you going for a good amount of time. Also, it controls with keyboard, so that too might be a problem for some, but not for real retro lovers of card games recreations and good overall card game bundles.

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