Ruckus Roulette

Strategy 1993 Dos Villa Crespo Software Board games

Detailed but uninteresting casino game

There really are no prizes for guessing what this one is all about and if you are looking for a bit of easy gambling that comes without any risk, it's as good a bet as any of the genre, and could happily be checked out along with Ruckus Poker. Unlike other gambling games such as Casino Inc, it does only feature the one kind of game, which does limit its appeal somewhat, so if you're looking for the full Las Vegas experience, you would be better off looking elsewhere. What it does offer though is a fairly realistic and surprisingly detailed recreation of the well known casino game which, for the uninitiated, requires players to place their bets on which number is going to show up when a giant spinny thing is spun. You start out by choosing how much money you're willing to play with, while up to four computer opponents can also join in the fun. You have the option of laying various kinds of bets, including Inside and Outside, and the object of course is to win as much virtual money as possible. There's a few options to play with, which are only likely to appeal to the truly dedicated roulette junkie, offering as they do various graphs and statistics showing what numbers show up with what frequency. You can also switch to a European wheel if that really floats your boat. Due to its narrow focus, it's hard to unreservedly recommend Ruckus Roulette as when you get down to it, it's just a game about spinning a wheel and hoping you're going to get lucky. There's little in the way of reward, as fake money doesn't quite have the same appeal as the real stuff, so unless you really get a thrill out of this kind of thing, you can happily avoid this one.

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