Runaway City

Adult 1998 Dos Dosbox Jast Hentai Bishoujo

Hentai with a predisposition towards dating narratives

Overall, Runaway City is your regular graphic novel, with Japanese characters, that turns regular episodes into dating and sexually explicit scenes. Within this niche it is certainly not one of the best, but, frankly, its narrative and your choices are far more in depth than other contenders. This makes the game stand out, on one hand because it is a cool overall game but also because it has an ok graphic style. Don't expect noting too fancy, but also, when it comes to getting things right, it doesn't let down. Runaway City isn't also too direct with its mature, sexual themes, it takes a while to settle in, but eventually it does so, and it doesn't disappoint at all when it manages it. So, without question, you will get a lot from it, but also, if you're too pretentious with your stories, it will be a letdown. So, ask yourself, how demanding you are from your hentai, and if the answer is, very much, then rather avoid this. It's the kind of hentai game that only the most avid fans will sink into and find it sufficiently rewarding.

Better than others sim-dating

Runaway City is a date-simulation/adult themed games. All what these game have are a lot of text and uninteresting pictures to look at. And the adult content (nudity) is shown almost at the end of the game after interacting through the game. Runaway City however offers some interactivity with objects and other people. But that's all the good thing. Other than that, it's confusing to me. I couldn't get past the first level. All in all, Runaway City is a little better than other games in the same genre, but fails to deliver one thing that other games have to offer: fun.

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