Season of Sakura

Adult 1997 Dos Dosbox Jast Hentai Bishoujo

Path of a boy to love

Like most Japanese visual novels, Season of Sakura is a slightly pornographic visual novel that follows the path of a young boy who is in search of his first love. For those who don't know, viusal novels are games that consists of you reading the screens and watching the pictures and, after a while, make a selection of the next course of action. This game is not very different from that conception. This selection further enables you to have different endings depending on your choices, making you to experience the story for a multitude of times, so you can see each ending. The story of the game is very nice and emotional, even somewhat naive, but still very nice, and the art of the anime like pictures is, as always, impeccable. What I really love about visual novels, and this one is not an exception, is the very strong and vivid characterization of characters, which makes you relate to them and their story, almost like they are indeed real. If you like adult visual novels like 3 Sisters' Story, you will probably enjoy this game very much.

Hentai game with different endings

Season of Sakura is really a different game compared with other made by JAST in late 90's. Here you will really have the possibility to deal with different endings, depending on your behaviour during the gameplay. As usual manga pictures are very well done, Jast is very good at it, quite similar to 3 Sisters' story game. Basically you will play the role of a young boy looking for the first love. This game is not for you if you're just looking for easy picture to watch, since you will have to play a bit till the end before arriving to adult scenes.

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