True Love

Adult 1995 Windows Jast Hentai Bishoujo Interactive

Download and play 10 times!

There is one reason why you have to download and play this game. Well, really there are several, but, the main one is because this is the real top bishojo game where you will be able to take decisions and, based on those decisions, having a different ending. Jast came out with this masterpiece in the middle of 90s, changing the way of making the user to interact. Still you will be a young japanese student, but, this time, you will have to decide what to do during your day, and improve the abilities and skills you have. Those excercise will decide your personality (more fashion guy, or more nerds for instance) and you will match with the different girls you will meet along the story progresses. Want to have a relationship with Miss Yumi? well, probably you will have to study hard and follow her suggestions. This aspect will make you reapeat the game may times, and you will enjoy to try to conquer your girl. I tried a lot of times until I can see the athletic body of Chiemi naked... it was a complete worth! So, don't wait anything more, download this gem and enjoy playing it.

The best H-game I've see

I played this game a very long time ago. May be the best H-game I've seen. The focus of the game is in selecting what to do every day to build your stats which change how you relate to the other characters to some extent, and find events based on what you are doing. Some of the characters are quite difficult to get, as you have to hit some certain fairly specific event(s) or fail their plot line. In general however the play is fairly easy. It's apparently possible to get all endings except for perhaps one in one play, with a save before the end of the game.

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