S3: Silent Storm - Sentinels

Action 2004 Windows 1C Company Isometric Strategic scope

Once more unto the breach

The Silent Storm franchise is a pretty decent series of strategy game that mixes both real-time and turn-based elements to enjoyable effect. They play out similarly to the Jagged Alliance games and this third entry is actually an add-on for S2: Silent Storm and is probably the best of the lot, so be sure to pick up both titles for the full experience. S2 itself is a 3D combat game set during WWII which sees players leading squads of soldiers through a series of tough missions that play out in non-linear fashion and feature a wide range of weapons. A variety of classes are available for your squad and success lies in picking the right ones for the task at hand, with each one capable of being upgraded in RPG fashion. Sentinels features much of the same qualities as the base game, including destructible scenery and an open-ended nature. The story picks up after the end of the war as the player attempts to take down the terrorist organization known as Thor's Hammer and which fans will know well. However, the key differences here are that the player controls mercenaries on the side of counter-terrorism, while science fiction elements are also introduced. If you're into games like Steel Soldiers and Hidden & Dangerous, then this should be right up your alley. The mix of real time and turn-based action is successfully implemented while the story and universe and gripping and well developed. Controls are nicely intuitive while the visuals are well detailed and highly atmospheric and missions are varied and rarely less than enjoyable. All in all, this is a cracking treat for strategy buffs.

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