Zona 0

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Topo Soft Isometric Science Fiction Strategic scope

Tron and Snake inspired motorcycle racer

Zona 0 is a racer inspired by the races that were featured in Tron the movie, and also, with some of the ideas that the game Snake had been all about, on mobile phones, the home computers and on many other types of platforms. Zona 0 is an isometric perspective game, with better than EGA graphics, yet with very colorful levels. The levels are grid aligned, and you have to create lines, by moving around with your bike, thus cutting the advancement of your adversary, as in Tron. You can veer very shapely though, and towards the end of the races, when most of the area of play is full of these lines, the winner is the one that is able to steer very fast and smart enough, to avoid these lines. The moment one of the riders has hit a line, it's the time for a new level, that is, if you are the victor; if not, you can replay the level. Each level is different also because each one has a particular build, with different other obstacles on the road. Play it if you want a fast racing game, with a Tron-esque feel to it and if cutting your adversary racer is something you want to do!

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