S2: Silent Storm

Action 2003 Windows 1C Company Isometric Strategic scope

Great for RPG fans

S2: Silent Storm is a role-playing game whose action is set in World War II, being primarily compared to another similar game: Jagged Alliance. Even if the reactions and reviews were positive about this game, I have to say it wasn't really my type, but this shouldn't stop you from trying it, right? Well, in the gameplay you have to command a little squad of up to six soldiers. They have to deal with enemies, in battles that consist in explosions (I enjoyed them, actually, because of the realistic effects), and multiple combat tactics, and even stunts (jumping over fences, running through windows). Your character develops abilties and experience that help him win new weapons. His progress builds his strengths and helps him become more powerful. The realistic environment is also based on the weather conditions that make the action more dynamic. The gameplay gives you the chance to try different solutions for successful strategy plans, because it makes you think that everything can work in order to proceed efficiently. For example, almost all constructions can be destroyed and this option can lead to achievements. So, this game fits perfectly for those who like to shoot a lot. Also, old-school role playing gamers will be very contented.

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