Red Ghost

Action 1995 Dos Empire Interactive Isometric Strategic scope

18 soldiers, best of the best against the world!

Red Ghost is a strategy game, squad based mainly, in which you'll take charge over a relatively small group of elite forces, the red Ghosts. You will control them, the entire 18 of them, and you'll be able to tackle some of the most harsh and unforgiving missions ever, that will take you through your paces, without a doubt. The game has a turn based portion, that takes place on the overhead map, and then you have the action portion that takes place at the level of the ground, and is a lot more tactical, plus real time. The small army you control has a lot of tanks at its disposal, artillery, helicopters, and everything in between, and so, your strategies are pretty non standard at times, as they will take you through your paces. So, overall, Red Ghost is a great game for strategy enthusiasts that want a true challenge and a unique setting. Graphically it's definitely a well produced game which only adds to it. And, a good alternative is Theater of Death, which is somewhat similar a strategy game.

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