Safari Guns

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox New-Deal Productions S.A. First Person Arcade style

Early days cartoonish safari game; photograph the animals!

In Safari Guns you get a shooting (of pictures!) gallery game; however, you are the protector of the animal kingdom, so try and point your gun at the poachers, not at the poor animals, while the animals should be on the business end of your camera, rather than that of your gun. It's a cool game, that kind of remind you of games such as House of the Dead as a portion of the game is on rails. You mostly control the shooting reticule, your gun, and you want to recharge as fast as possible. Graphically, it looks a bit too cartoonish to be a game that you can take seriously; but then again, if you've played light gun games during the heyday of the NES console, this type of gameplay, looks and simplicity will definitely speak to you. So, definitely, Safari Guns is a game worth having in your collection, if you want a lighthearted game, where shooting pictures is what's it all about. Or, download Beyond Good and Evil, the later 90s action adventure with a picture taking journalist and a fantastic 3D world full of amazing locales and creatures!

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