Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Audiogenic First Person Arcade style

Rid the world of scary locusts!

Exterminator is a well down shooter/action game with a really interesting premise. What it wants you to do is shoot and destroy all the locusts and other such critters that have infested too many apartment buildings. The game, however, is no simulation of an exterminator's job, comparing this to the real world job would be a little off. However, Exterminator is a great game when it comes to arcade action gameplay. So don't come looking for a game that pays much respect to realism. However, the shooting is fun, and there are loads of rooms to roam about and kill insects. Yes, the graphics are telling of the age of this game, but that is not an issue. It won't bug you (pun intended!) if you keep your expectations within the limits of what this game is built to offer and the way it does so. Naturally, a lot could have been improved, since this is more of a budget production, but even so it is alright, well produced and fun enough. So, give it a try and, alternatively, download Arachnophobia too, if you like seeing insects gone!

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