Hired Guns

RPG 1993 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis First person Science Fiction

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RPG set in 2712 on a planet that is almost exhausted

In Hired Guns you get to play a RPG in a post apocalypse Earth, that got to where it is not because it wasn't able to prevent some nuclear strike, but because the Earth resources were almost depleted; thus, diverse factions are trying to occupy the Earth and get the remaining resources, and try to go from there, and scrape a living off of it. But, unfortunately, war is raging, and thus, the factions that can hire mercenaries are the ones that get the better chance at it. So, try and play it and see where it leads you from there. The game is pretty interesting gameplay wise, classic RPG like; however, it also has a certain feel of action/adventure, with a good story, that you wouldn't expect, from a mercenaries mostly kind of game. The game plays only via 4 players, and the screen is split in 4. This can be a bit daunting, as each player has a very small window in which to see what to do. But, the perspective makes for a cool game, for something less mundane. So gather your retro DOS gaming friends and fire it up! Else download Robinsons Requiem, another RPG, and a pretty cool one.

A cool futuristic RPG

Teamwork is the key to this game. On a screen split in 4 ways, in this futuristic RPG (like Heavy Gear)you control yourself and 3 other characters in the game simultaneously, each with their own abilities and specific behavior on a set of mission that are of various in their contents. What makes the game really shine is the cooperation and coordination that is needed for your team to be successful, and you have to think in more ways than one. It would be best if other characters would be controlled by human players, your friends, the game would definitely have more heart and it would be a helluva lot more fun. The graphics are pretty simple, but with nice coloring and decent animation, nothing to stand out, pretty average for that time. The writing is not at the best of its quality and the gameplay is pretty repetitive, but the inventory, monsters, weapons and action are in abundance, so don't worry about feeling bored, since there is always something to do or somebody to kill. A nice way to kill a few hours. Have fun!

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