Bounce Zone

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox COMPUTE! Publications First Person Arcade style

3D world... Pong!

Bounce Zone is a cool remix of Pong that strives to create the arcade classic in a 3D environment, within a chamber environment, where you have to bounce the ball onto the walls and try to get it back with your paddle. Of course, you still have to outsmart (or outmaneuver!) your digital AI combatant, and the angle at which you hit the paddle still dictates the direction in which the ball will go to. Thus, the mechanics of the original are still there, and so it's immediately recognizable and playable. Now, graphically, I'd say that the DOS, 1990's looks kind of works, however, don't expect a game that is pretty... It is a very low budget game, and so the backgrounds and all the visual elements are pretty low fi, pretty budget oriented. Thus, make sure you are alright with a black background, and with that classic background blue that used to be used extensively by these games in the past. Furthermore, Bounce Zone is the kind of game that will take you through your paces, but playability is pretty good; the physics are well implemented and the AI does a good job, without being overpowering. Definitely worth a try, plus the download size of the game is so small and...inviting!

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